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We are proud to be the Exclusive Licensed Vendor of the California New Car Dealer Association

10 Second Installation

We provide an easy to use custom template that has each cars unique VIN laser cut allowing for Easy acid etching on every VIN. We break it down by model and provide the easiest safest solution on the market. Peel off your custom vin etched template and apply our acid solution.

Free Addendum

Through our partnership with CNCDA we are offering a packaged bundle that includes not only the FREE Addendum but FREE software use

Why Choose Us?

As the current leading provider in the state of California for our addendum based software solution, we are well equipped to handle the volume of any sized auto group in real time and make sure you receive your products daily. With over a decade of experience on the service side of auto dealerships you can rest assured that we will provide the easiest and cleanest solution on the market.

Quality Process

As a dealership being forced to comply with a new law in a hurry can lead to a messy process. We take all of the difficulty out of the process by providing the easiest solution daily!

Compliant Solution

Make your money back by charging on our addendum as a catalytic converter theft deterrent!

Volume Discounts

The more we print and deliver the bigger your discounts as a dealer become!

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SB 55 Requires a motor vehicle dealer, with exceptions, when selling a vehicle equipped with a catalytic converter, to permanently mark the catalytic converter with the vehicles (VIN), unless the buyer declines the marking offered by the dealer.